Cell Phone Holders for the Car

Park Your Phone While you Drive™

No Texting and Driving

PROBLEM: Talking or Texting while Driving

  • Reaching for your phone is dangerous

  • Digging for your phone is dangerous

  • Distracted driving is dangerous

  • Testing and driving is dangerous

  • Talking and driving is dangerous

  • There is public pressure to end distracted driving. 

  • Oprah & numerous insurance companies have campaigns for safe driving

  • Companies require employees to carry a phone and NOT use it while driving  

SOLUTION:  KangaRing™ Cell Phone Holders are the only cell phone holders that keep your cell phone handy in the car where you can reach it in an emergency, but not so close that you are tempted to text and drive or talk and drive. Safely stowed and yet easy to reach

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Park Your Phone While you Drive™